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Empirical vs. Ex Cathedra Solutions

Here then is a model for the transition of statements which describe the world in empirically false terms and how a new body of knowledge takes over. It wasn’t that the new theory was correct, but that the old one was faulty. Let’s not overlook that spontaneous generation was a plausible theory at the time – but in the end it was inadequate and rejected. Time to open a new bottle? Continue reading

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Factoids – Old and New

The is part of a series called “Questions of Facts”. Click here to see them all. The term *factoid* was coined by Norman Mailer to express the idea that many things we believe to be true — and which normally … Continue reading

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Aperçu: The limits of facts

Facts should carry date-marks so that we can know when and by whom these were approved. This practice — if religiously observed — would remind us again and again that facts are not infallible, not forever, not unchangeable, but bear … Continue reading

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