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Research Episodes

In an recent blog I commented that: …we continue to be committed to the idea of extending our current knowledge. For this to happen we should be willing to add but also to abandon ideas. This requires that some old … Continue reading

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No Free Ride to Certainty

Earlier I wrote (Nov. 2013) that, “Science should not be likened to a bound hard-cover volume, a collection of unchallengeable, incontrovertible truths. It is more like a loose-leaf folder in which our latest insights into nature, into aspects of ourselves … Continue reading

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Controvertible, Incontrovertible, and Truth

When someone claims that some truths are incontrovertible they claim not only that they these marked truths must be accepted as basic, as self-evident, as not requiring justification, but that such truths cannot be challenged because the frame-work as been permanently fixed, moulded in concrete, not in sand. Continue reading

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