Aperçu: Opinions, Facts, and Verities

To market opinions as facts and facts as holy verities is a sign of a closed mind — and will leave you shunned by those who treasure wisdom and thoughtfulness. Keep in mind that intelligent people have learned how to judge views based on hard thinking from those whose appeal serves only flattery or self-congratulation.

2 thoughts on “Aperçu: Opinions, Facts, and Verities

  1. I wish you’d gone a bit further, Harry, and pointed out matters in which this is happening in public life. No doubt they seem fairly obvious, but — in keeping with your own point — we might each identify different ones!

  2. Had I one further – as you so thoughtfully suggest – I would have had to expand into a blog .I suspect that I will this – but need more time to pick what seem to me as the most pressing issues. Thanks for your post ! As always most helpful.

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