Guernica or the Horrors of War – 2013 version

Last night one of the news channels on TV showed a scene of six little boys, from 3 to about 12 year old sitting in a dark, filthy cave, facing the opening of the cave to a bitter cold outside, looking hungry, tearful – waiting for their mother. We were told that she had gone out much earlier looking for food and water. The scene was Syria.

We do not know whether the mother returned, but hoped that she did and carried some food with her, enough for another day. The father had been killed earlier.

We have heart, soul, empathy, humanity and we cry for justice as we have for the past thousands of years.

Frankly it doesn’t matter where the scene was filmed, who the children were, what religious or political convictions their parents subscribed to. It was the face of humanity we confronted in powerless silence.