Aperçu #2: Dedication

Sometime a few words are enough. My wife and I were thinking — as grandparents often do — about what lies ahead for our grandchildren, and we concluded that they each show a characteristic which has more to do with parenting than with their genes, and more to do with style than content. It is their dedication to tasks, not how they do these, not the nature of the tasks whether given or self-initiated, but in how these are pursued. Each child has their own individual style, but they have in common an ambiance, an absorption, a willingness to see it through, and a pride in doing things for reasons which we, as adults, can only presume. Whether one is creating a Lego model, practicing the piano, or reading a story book slowly and with stammers, it matters not: what matters is the devotion and the dedication given to each task.

Bright are many,
Dedicated few.
— Hilde Thornton

Brightness is nature-given,
Dedication mostly learned.
— Harry Hurwitz

When partners complement each other to provide harmony and co-operation within a learning environment, their children thrive.
— Harry Hurwitz